The Problem At Hand!


We all know that modern day society can mean long hours at work, a potentially hectic family life and various other commitments, leaving us little or no time to cook those healthy, hearty meals we all crave … let alone making time to break a sweat at the gym! With an abundance of fast food nothing more than a click away, it’s become all too easy to binge on our favourite takeaways and instead of being an occasional treat they often become an everyday staple. We decided something needed to change! After all, our bodies are like a finely-tuned machine and, without good nutrition, we leave ourselves open to illness and fatigue. We questioned the notion that if junk food can be made so easily accessible, why can’t exquisite, healthy, chef prepared meals?

The Protrition Solution!


After some lengthy brainstorming sessions and plenty of research, we decided to make good nutrition our mission and bring healthy, convenient and cost-effective meals to the masses. In partnership with fully-qualified chefs and nutritionists, we’ve designed a complete menu of delicious macro-specific meals which provide the precise nutrients your body needs whether you’re looking to get lean, maintain a healthy weight or bulk up. What’s more you can even have them all delivered directly to your door! Did someone mention convenience food?

Small Steps, Big Results!


Protrition proudly started from humble beginnings as do most of our customers. If you’ve made the decision to change your lifestyle for the better and improve your overall health and well-being we’re here to help you every step of the way! It’s simple to get started with our meal subscription service, simply select from our wide range of nutritionally balanced meals ranging from Jerk Chicken to Tiger Prawn Curry and head to the checkout, we’ll take care of the rest! To start your journey to a healthier, happier you simply click here.

So Where Did It All Begin?


Our founder Joel shares the same goals and ambitions as most of our customers which simply put is to live a healthy and happy life, in fact so much so he set up Protrition to help spread the positive vibes! Starting as a concept, it quickly became clear that with the involvement of other sporting and nutritional professionals, as well as friends and family, not only could a successful business be created but also a vibrant and supportive community. Based in Norwich we source some of the finest local ingredients from a county famous for its farming and produce and now we deliver our products to doorsteps all over the country! We’d feel privileged to have you join us on our journey to better health and vitality as ‘good nutrition is our mission’. If you need any help or support, or just want to say hello, then get in touch here, we’d love to hear from you!