Can You Eat Too Much Protein?  


Most foods in your local supermarket have that extra dose of a rather special nutrient known as protein. We are a culture obsessed with the macronutrient due to the incredible benefits it provides the body with. Protein is essentially the building blocks that aids muscle growth and repair. It also promotes weight loss and wards […]

Exposed: 5 Misconceptions About Female Fitness

Female Fitness

We are seeing a dramatic increase in women joining the gym than ever before – keen to get fit and lose weight. However, a lack of understanding towards fitness and nutrition could interfere with your goals and cause you unnecessary injury – so it’s important we get our facts straight before hitting the gym!   […]

Carbohydrates…Complex To Simple.

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Carbohydrates (CHO) is utilised by the body in a variety of ways once digested. It is ultimately sent to the liver, muscles or used immediately for fuel in the body. Some glucose may enter the adipose tissue for help storing fat. This process appears to occur at different rates in different people.    Carbohydrates are […]