Your gloves are on, you’re super psyched up, you’ve entered the ring, but wait! Before you even think about pounding those punches, it’s going to be impossible to conquer your opponents without putting the right nutrition into your body prior to your big fight.

It’s no secret that boxers absolutely must maintain high energy levels. Sometimes even for twelve 3-minute rounds. It’s a highly intensive and relentless sport.

Anyone who takes their boxing seriously should be eating foods that will provide the correct strength, power and weight ratio to enhance their performance.

That’s why carbs are the ideal grub for boxers, because they release energy over a sustained period of time, replacing lost glycogen stores and increasing stamina during fights and training.

However, do try to avoid processed carbohydrates where you can, such as white bread – this is because these foods contain calories that are less useful for the body. The only thing white bread is useful for is throwing in the pond for the fish…

Stick to consuming natural carbohydrates such as beans, fruits and oatmeal, which are packed full of very useful nutrients.

Boxers often have the issue of experiencing small tears in their muscles, especially after a fight. This causes them to feel tired and sore, it’s vital that they replenish and pump their body full of protein to repair muscles, increase muscle growth and prevent long lasting damage too.


If you’d like to see what arguably the best boxer on the planet is consuming right now, check out his daily meal plan over on boxing news online:


Here’s our simplified guide:

  • Think rice, pasta, fruit and vegetables – Ensure you include a large variety of carbohydrates.


  • Always look to reduce fatty and (definitely) fast foods – these guys more often than not contain unwanted saturated fats.


  • Always hunt out good sources of protein – this can include lean meat (low in fat content), yogurt, seeds and nuts.


  • Go light in the evening, heavy during the day – By ‘heavier’ we mean carbohydrates such as pasta, rice and potatoes and by ‘lighter’ we mean carbohydrates like boiled/steamed vegetables.


  • Lastly, NEVER (and we mean never) skip meals! Focus on your three regular meals and two healthy snacks throughout the course of each day.


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