The word alone can conjure up thoughts of starvation, crying, and chewing on celery sticks. Dieting has never been easy, and there’s certainly no simple way of sticking to it.

With January falling on a Monday, it means you have a fresh year, fresh month, and fresh week to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make in terms of your diet. It’s the perfect time to rid yourself of that excess holiday weight you accumulate over Christmas.

So many people fall victim to the post holidays fat trap; they’ve gained weight, but lost the motivation to do anything about it. So how can you make 2018 different and stay committed to your decision to eat healthier?



We’ve all seen the craze for fad diets such as Atkins and the Cooke Diet, plus various cleansing fasts. While some of them could be effective, we certainly don’t recommend them; they’re far too unrealistic and potentially harmful to our health. Very few people stick to diets that require drastic change, and diets that make you lose a lot of weight in a short amount of time won’t have lasting effects once you start eating unhealthily again.



This ties in with the last point; don’t feel like you need to go cold turkey! Changing and adjusting your diet in small steps is the way to go – replace fizzy drinks with water, for example. Or when you’re looking for a sugar fix after a meal, try eating fruit instead. Each week, you can take another small step to eliminate bad food from your diet, and in a few months, you’ll find it much easier to stay committed to your new healthy way of living.



When the temptation to eat junk food approaches, it’s a good idea to have a powerful motivation to think about. For example, some people think to themselves, “Would I rather eat this chocolate right now or live a long healthy life with my family?” It’s far easier to stay strong during potential moments of weakness in your diet if you have a motivation powerful enough to curb your cravings.



We don’t mean pizza and kebabs, we mean foods that are healthy AND you enjoy. Not everyone likes salad, but just because it’s good for you, doesn’t mean you have to make it a key part of your new diet. Sticking to a diet consisting of foods you don’t like will make it impossible to commit to. So make sure you choose foods that aren’t only good for you, but you genuinely like eating.



If you go too extreme, and simply allow yourself to almost starve in an effort to lose weight, then you’re more likely to binge on the junk food due to low blood-sugar levels. To ward off these cravings, snack on healthy foods or eat more small meals throughout the day.


Another way you can make your diet easier next year is by purchasing our perfectly balanced and ready-made meals to help you save time, and manage your diet with ease.

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