Over Christmas, life can get busy. We rarely find time to hit the gym over the holidays because we’re busy spending time with loved ones or the gyms decide to close for the festive period.

To make sure you stay on track to achieving your fitness goals over the next few weeks, we’ve come up with a number of effective exercises than can be performed in the comfort of your own living room…



Don’t let the Christmas binging ruin what you’ve achieved so far in the abdominal area. It’s important to work your core regularly if you want to maintain your progress.




The craze over bigger butts isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. So make sure you’re working your glutes hard over the holidays to grow and maintain a big round backside.




If you go a few weeks neglecting your legs and eating too many mince pies, you can only imagine the pain that will come with your next leg day in January. So make sure you give them the attention they deserve.




Don’t let the bingo wings make an appearance over Christmas, you might get a little workout with how many times you’ll lift your arm to put food in your mouth, but that’s not going to cut it.



If you want to maintain fitness levels over the holidays, and want to avoid the holiday fat trap, why not take a look at our ready-made lean meals to keep you in shape this Christmas? 

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